Zubair Corporation launches ‘HIMMA’ programme to develop Omani high potential talents

Roundup Tuesday 26/October/2021 17:35 PM
By: Times News Service
Zubair Corporation launches ‘HIMMA’ programme to develop Omani high potential talents

Muscat: The Zubair Corporation welcomed the first batch of employees participating in the ‘HIMMA’ programme to develop and empower potential Omani high potential talents within the Corporation and its subsidiaries.

The ceremony was held at the Corporation's headquarters, in the presence of Al Zubair Mohammad Al Zubair, Vice Chairman of the corporation's board of directors and the general supervisor of the task force for empowering high-potential Omani talents, and several members of the executive management of the Corporation and its subsidiaries. The ceremony also included the launch of the programme's slogan, "Towards a Promising Career Future".

During his remarks, Al Zubair Mohammad Al Zubair highlighted the role of the ‘HIMMA’ programme in developing Omani talents of the Zubair Corporation companies and equipping those identified as high potentials with the competencies needed to take on leadership, supervisory and specialised positions in the future that suit their aspirations and capabilities, in various fields and career levels, which is in line with the Zubair Corporation’s vision.

Al Zubair added that ‘HIMMA’ seeks to ensure optimum investment in our human capital through the provision of a suitable environment for Omani talents to boost their capabilities and continuous improvement in their career path. He urged all participants in the programme to take advantage of the opportunity and hone their skills and practical experience aiming to see their creative ideas in various specialities.

Commenting on the objectives of the programme, Hilal Omar Al Siyabi, Chief Corporate Services Officer at The Zubair Corporation, said, “Through this programme, we seek to bring about the development of Omani talents across various subsidiaries of The Zubair Corporation. At Zubair Corporation, we are keen to encourage a performance-based work culture among employees and spread a spirit of healthy competition and motivation to bring about innovation at work, which in turn will not only enhance productivity but have a positive impact on the overall performance of the corporation and its subsidiaries. The ‘HIMMA’ programme is considered as part of the corporation’s strategy to manage and develop human capital within all group companies. The participants were selected based on several criteria, such as completion of two years of service with a Bachelor’s degree and a good command of the English language as well as other interpersonal traits. ‘HIMMA’ will take place for six months, during which the participants will undergo intensive practical training courses, designed specifically to achieve the goals of the programme.”

Gerry Woods, Chief Operating Officer at Impact Management Services (IMS), a local firm specialising in human capital development, said, “The ‘HIMMA’ programme is designed to achieve the medium and long-term goals of The Zubair Corporation and its subsidiaries. It ensures the objective implementation of the leadership succession plan by developing the second and third level employees to foster practical skills in the leadership and supervisory elements. The ‘HIMMA’ programme is a comprehensive programme that allows continuity by involving several senior management members in the HIMMA journey. It also includes follow-ups activities post completion of the programme in a way that enhances output and achieves the desired goals. We are confident that the outcome of the programme will be an added value to the corporation, as well as to all the participants, giving them a boost to their career journey.”

The ‘HIMMA’ programme is one of the initiatives launched by the Taskforce for Empowering High-potential Omani talents, which aims to develop Omani talents across all group companies and create a productive work environment based on a culture of performance, productivity and innovation.