78% of Oman’s IT decision-makers changed customer experiences due to pandemic

Business Sunday 11/July/2021 17:55 PM
By: Times News Service
78% of Oman’s IT decision-makers changed customer experiences due to pandemic
Mohammed Alkhotani, Area Vice President – Middle East and Africa, Sitecore

Muscat: 78 per cent of Oman’s IT decision-makers have had to fundamentally change their customer experiences in response to the pandemic, according to Sitecore, a global leader in digital experience management software.

The research, conducted by YouGov Mena, surveyed more than 650 IT decision-makers across 12 countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council, the Levant, and Egypt.

In response to changing customer demands, 89 per cent of Oman’s IT decision-makers, said their brands created a deeper connection with their customers over the past year.

The pandemic has also accelerated organizations’ digital transformation roadmaps. Among respondents, 67 per cent in Oman said their brands had advanced their marketing technology stack more in the last year than in the previous three years before 2020. Thanks to these new technological capabilities, 100 per cent of Oman’s respondents, said they experimented with a number of new marketing approaches during the pandemic.

“With 78 per cent of Oman’s brands changing their customer experience in response to the pandemic, regional brands understand that they need to prioritise digital experiences, especially for Millennials and Generation Z customers,” said Mohammed Alkhotani, Area Vice President – Middle East and Africa, Sitecore. “Leading Middle East brands, such as Mashreq Bank, emphasise the need to put technology firmly at the centre of their business to consistently create personalised experiences.”

Putting CX at the heart of banking
More than 50 years on from Mashreq’s inception, the bank maintains an unwavering commitment towards customer-centricity. Whether it is transforming ideas into solutions, or harnessing digitisation to provide a seamless banking experience; developing products that empower and meet the needs of customers is a value deeply ingrained within the bank. Through Mashreq’s digital-first approach, customers can benefit from a convenient banking experience, tailored to their needs, and meets their evolving demands.

Mashreq embarked on an exciting digital transformation journey with a key objective of improving the experience of our customers by offering them superior services, whenever and wherever they need. A modern, intuitive and user-friendly website is imperative in digital transformation. In collaboration with Sitecore, Mashreq Bank not just enhanced the overall experience on its website, but also implemented a Sitecore content management system that enables the bank to deliver content across all customer channels through an API, which makes it a powerful tool for its mobile and web developers.