Get ready for your 'revenge travel' with these tips

T-Mag Wednesday 20/October/2021 17:27 PM
By: Brandpoint Content
Get ready for your 'revenge travel' with these tips

 After a year and a half of not travelling or taking smaller, local trips, everyone's itching for the vacations the pandemic put on hold. This feeling of being hungry for travel is what some are calling “revenge travel”: the idea that people are more eager to travel after being homebound for so long and want to go big — whether splurging or finally heading to a bucket list destination.

Whether that next big trip is around the corner or a year away, it’s never too early to kick off travel planning. Here are some top tips to help you organize the ultimate return to travel adventure.

Earn more now, enjoy more later

As you embark on planning, get started by working on a budget to narrow down options. One way to maximise spending, and even unlock destinations that felt out of reach, is to take advantage of travel offers.

Set your travel intention

After a year without travel, we might feel pressured to pack our first trip with as much adventure as possible. Just remember that vacations are best enjoyed when rest and resetting are part of the plan — and this can look different for all of us. Setting a trip intention can help your trip take shape, giving you an idea of which activities you and any travel companion(s) want to prioritise, but make sure to leave a little wiggle room to relax.

Travel safe, travel smart

Even if your next big trip isn’t for a while, it’s important to stay up to date on safety and travel requirements. For example, if you don’t have a passport or if it’s expiring soon, it’s recommended to start that process as soon as possible given recent delays in passport processing. It’s also helpful to look into what safety and cancellation accommodations your selected airlines have in place to help you travel with more peace of mind.

Most importantly, planning “revenge travel” gives us something to look forward to. Many travel booking sites and services make it possible for you to book well in advance, with low or no fees for cancellations. Plus, if you follow the few tips we’ve outlined, it’s sure to be smooth sailing (or flying!) for your future travels. After a massively unpredictable year, it’s never felt more empowering to plan for the future.