US: Two injured in McEachern High School shooting in Georgia

World Friday 02/February/2024 08:40 AM
US: Two injured in McEachern High School shooting in Georgia

Georgia: Two persons sustained non-life-threatening injuries in a shooting at the McEachern High School in Cobb County in Georgia, US, police said on Friday.

The victims are not current McEachern students, the Cobb County Police informed.

According to the latest update by the Cobb County Police Department, McEachern High School is now safe following a comprehensive assessment by law enforcers.

The reunification process has started to send back the students to their families.

"McEachern High School is now considered safe following a comprehensive assessment by law enforcement. The reunification process has commenced to return students to their families safely," the Cobb County Police Department said in a post shared on X.

The incident took place in the campus parking lot, the police said, adding no McEachern students were harmed in the shooting.

"We want to reassure the community that no McEachern students were harmed. The situation occurred on the campus parking lot and involved individuals who were not students" they added.

Cobb County Schools district spokesperson, too, confirmed that the two individuals, who were shot, are not current McEachern students.

He further informed that the Cobb Schools Police and Cobb County Police secured the campus and were actively investigating the identities of both individuals and the associated circumstances.

Adding that the campus was in 'code red', the spokesperson said the "police are on campus, and for the safety of both students and staff, parents will not be allowed on campus, and buses will not run until the code red is lifted."

"We will provide an additional update to the public once one is available" the spokesperson added.
Parents and guardians can pick up their students at the reunification location, the police added.

The Cobb County Police Department posted on X, "The address will be 2595 New Macland Road," adding, "The Reunification Location will be The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 2595 New Macland Road. Please travel from Richard D Sailors Pwky as New Macland Road will be closed at Macland Road."

Earlier, the police department said they were responding to McEachern High School to assist campus police, further informing them that there is a shelter in place and all traffic on New Macland Road has been diverted and closed until further notice.