Iftar drink: Ginger Melon Slush

Oman Wednesday 13/March/2024 09:25 AM
By: Oneza Tabish
Iftar drink: Ginger Melon Slush
Ginger Melon Slush

Iftar drink: Ginger Melon Slush

• Muskmelon 4 cups (diced)

• Ice cube 10 nos.

• Sugar 4 tbsp (powdered)

• Mint leaves 1 cup

• Ginger 2 tsp (grated)

• Lemon 1 no.

• Place the diced muskmelon in a deep freezer. Let the melon be completely frozen.

• In a blender, add frozen melon along with ice cubes, sugar, mint leaves and ginger. Squeeze a lemon and blend to make an iced slush.

* Serve immediately.

Fasting health tip

Avoid excessive salt

Avoid excessive salt in your food, especially during Suhoor. Sodium makes you thirsty and it will become very difficult to control the urge to drink water. Also avoid spicy and extremely sweet food for the same reason. The most difficult part about fasting is to control the water temptation so do everything you can to minimise it.