Omani students develop smart bracelet for detection of epileptic seizures

Oman Monday 13/May/2024 14:11 PM
By: Times News Service
Omani students develop smart bracelet for detection of epileptic seizures

Muscat: Omani students from Sohar University in North Al Batinah Governorate invented a smart bracelet and application for early detection of epileptic seizures.

Students Aisha Al Omari and Lamia Al Saadi from Sohar University were able to create a smart bracelet for early detection of epileptic seizures, in an innovative idea developed using IOT technology, to help patients in cases of severe epileptic seizures receive medical assistance as quickly as possible.

 Aisha bint Salem Al Omari said:" The idea of ​​the bracelet is based on smart design and the use of wearable IOT technology, to help detect epileptic seizures and identify two basic characteristics in severe epileptic seizures. These are the movement of electrical activity in the muscles and the speed of the heartbeat to send a wireless alert to caregivers. It sends a phone call, text message, and makes a sound so that the patient gets help as soon as possible to avoid risks that may affect the patient, while designing an application to track vital activities and times of epileptic seizures."

 She added: “The smart bracelet project went through several stages, namely: the planning and research stage, in which the need for this device was studied, the available technologies were explored, the market was analyzed, and the required features were determined. Then came the design and development stage, which included designing the bracelet and developing the electronic parts, software, and applications.” The bracelet then underwent a trial and testing phase, where it was tested on a selected group of patients to verify its effectiveness and accuracy in detecting seizures. This was followed by the manufacturing and production phase in commercial quantities for distribution, leading to the marketing and distribution phase, which includes promoting the bracelet to potential users and distributing it In appropriate markets, the after-sales support phase is where technical support and maintenance are provided to users, in addition to software updates and product development based on user feedback and technological developments.

 Al Omari confirms that the goal of the smart bracelet is to improve the quality of life of epilepsy patients, provide a means of monitoring seizures accurately and effectively, provide a mechanism to send warnings about patients and help them in a timely manner, and increase awareness of epilepsy and how to deal with patients.

 Lamia Bit Hashel Al Saadi said about the uses of the smart bracelet, its components, uses and future development ideas: “The smart bracelet is used to identify epileptic seizures, send alarms to help them at the right time, and track the patient’s vital activities. The bracelet is also used to provide early warnings of epileptic seizures, and provide accurate data for doctors to improve the treatment process.”

 Al Saadi explained that the bracelet consists of an EMG measuring device, a heart rate sensor, electronic parts and units for the Internet and tracking, with a power source and switch, and other electronic and electrical parts. As for the smart phone application that accompanies the bracelet, it contains a page for the doctor, another page for the patient, and the medical, treatment, and other information it contains.

 Al Saadi explained that a number of development ideas have been developed and we are currently working on some of them, including developing sensor technologies to increase detection accuracy, improving the application interface to provide more information and functions to users, as well as expanding the scope of clinical trials to verify the device’s efficiency.