Oman weather: Sandstorm, dip in temperature expected in coming days

Oman Wednesday 27/January/2016 10:51 AM
By: Times News Service
Oman weather: Sandstorm, dip in temperature expected in coming days

Muscat: Muscat: Temperature is expected to drop from Wednesday as northern parts of Oman will witness dust and sandstorms in the coming three days, reducing the visibility, according to the Meteorological Department.
“The latest analysis from the Multi Hazard Early Warning Centre showed that the northern parts of the Sultanate will be affected by an upper air trough starting from Wednesday that will continue for next three days,” the Meteorological Department said in an advisory issued on Wednesday.
Fresh north-westerly winds are expected to blow over most of Oman, associated with a noticeable decrease in temperature and dust rising winds.
“The sea is expected to be moderate to rough along most of the coasts, with maximum wave height ranging between two and three metres,” the advisory added.
The Public Authority for Civil Aviation has advised citizens and residents to take precautions during low visibility.
“We also advise that the fishermen and sea-goers should make sure that the sea conditions are not unstable and they should follow the latest updates from National Multi Hazards Early Warning Centre,” an official said.
In its 24-hour outlook, the Meteorological Department said that the weather is expected to be cloudy over the Musandam governorate, coastal areas of the Sea of Oman and Al Hajar Mountains, with chances of isolated rain from Wednesday until Thursday night.
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