'Wrong bill' viral video prompts legal action in Oman

Energy Wednesday 26/September/2018 11:31 AM
By: Times News Service

Muscat: One of Oman's biggest hypermarkets says it will take legal action against a customer who published a video claiming he had been overcharged.
“We have noticed that a video has been circulating on social media regarding the bill, it's obvious that the customer has got his bill calculation completely wrong. As one can see in the video itself the customer is reading the item’s quantity, unit price and value of the next item. Therefore there is nothing wrong with the bill and it's without any errors. We will be taking legal action [against people who post]such misleading videos," said an official spokesperson.
Lulu has already issued an explanatory video, showing how customers can read their receipts.
In a video that has now been shared widely on social media, the customer who visited Lulu Hypermarket in Bousher claimed he was wrongly billed for items, stating that the store in question had billed him for more items than he’d actually bought.
In the video, the customer shares his bill with the public, pointing out and identifying those items which he felt he’d been wrongly charged for. The bill he’s shared shows a number of items he’s purchased, including milk powder, several varieties of dates and a few brands of chocolate.
The customer, however, says Lulu accounted for more packs of butter, as well as frozen chicken nuggets than he’d actually bought, but he was reading the wrong line of the receipt.