Music to heal and feel happier

T-Mag Wednesday 20/October/2021 17:18 PM
By: Articlecity
Music to heal and feel happier

No one can deny that music is a truly fascinating form of art, entertainment, and communication. A three-minute song or instrumental has the capacity to tell a story, portray an important message, breed inspiration, and completely alter the mood you were in. The impact is monumental. If you have had a difficult day at work, if you have argued with a family member or if you have had any other unwanted news – music has the capacity to alleviate the sorrow.

Music can help you find your inner calm or it can ignite a small spark of happiness. Here’s how…

1. Nobody is immune to the effects of an upbeat tune

It doesn’t matter how hard you try to fight the feeling, if you put on a party song or an upbeat tune, it is infectious. A good beat instantly breeds positivity and you can’t help but bob along to the track. A lot of people find that party songs evoke images of joyfulness in their minds. The tune transports them to a beautiful tropical beach or an electric party in a VIP club. Your mind wanders to these fantastic scenarios and you begin to forget about all the troubles that were bringing you down.

2. Music can reduce stress

When people are feeling sad they often get worked up and stress begins to take over. Your body feels tense and your breathing is faster. It is understandable. After all, if you are feeling miserable, the reason for feeling so is going to trouble you. If you feel like this then listening to music is highly recommended. This can help to reduce your breathing rate and make your muscles relax. It’s a very soothing experience and will help you to tune into your inner calm.

3. Playing musical instruments provides a focus

It’s not only about listening to music, playing music can help too. If you play a musical instrument you have a sense of focus and this means your brain literally cannot focus on the issue that’s bringing you down. Furthermore, playing an instrument also allows you to find a way to express your emotions without literally having to state how you are feeling. This is a positive way of channeling how your sorrow.

4. Music evokes positive memories

Most people associate songs with memories; good and bad. But of course, you should be focusing on the good ones. There may be a certain song you and your friends used to listen to all of the time. There could be a song that reminds you of the fantastic holiday you had in Ibiza several years ago. Or, what about that stupid song you caught your mum dancing to in the kitchen? Stick on one of these tunes and you will be laughing in no time.

5. The lasting impact of music

As soon as you turn your music off or stop playing your instrument, the happier mood you have achieved will not deteriorate. Music alters the brain wave pattern and thus you will still feel better even when it’s time to turn off the tracks and go to bed.

When people are feeling upset they start to over-think and the problem only gets worse and worse in the individual’s mind. Instead, turn on some music or make some. This will work to counteract the depressed mood you are in. You will instantly feel better about the situation and more positive within yourself.