Ahli Islamic enables opening Children’s Saving account through mobile banking app

Roundup Monday 18/September/2023 14:00 PM
By: Times News Service
Ahli Islamic enables opening Children’s Saving account through mobile banking app

Muscat: Known for its innovative Shariah products and services, ahli Islamic, has recently provided its loyal customers the chance to open a children’s savings account through its mobile banking app. This is in line with the bank’s endeavors to streamline processes and guarantee great services at the ease and comfort of its customers.

Advocating sound financial literacy, ahli Islamic’s Children’s Savings Account is a Sharia-compliant account structured to build and instill in children a savings habit and raise awareness of its importance in shaping their future. Fathers of children under the age of 18 are eligible to open an account using the bank’s mobile app.

In light of this new feature in ahli Islamic’s mobile banking app, Noora Sultan, AGM - Head of Retail Banking at ahli Islamic, said, “We are delighted to introduce this new feature to parents who want the best for the younger generation and to empower them in their financial journey. We believe the Children's Savings Account, now accessible through our mobile banking app, will nurture strong savings values from an early age, in tandem with the principles of Islamic banking. This innovative service will secure children's futures and instill a sense of responsibility, prudence, and the beauty of halal earnings in the youth.”

With the children’s savings account, ahli Islamic will allow customers to safeguard their children’s financial well-being. It also includes many benefits that pertain to the wider needs of parents and guardians; such as, customers can avail exclusive offers and get discounts on purchases of different kinds.

“While adhering to the principles of Shariah, the Children's Savings Account, through our digital platform, indeed reflects our commitment to combining modern convenience with the timeless values that guide us. As we move forward, we remain dedicated to serving our community with integrity and excellence. We invite parents to join us, as we pave the way for our children's well-being, today and for generations to come,” she added.

By enabling fathers to easily open savings accounts for their children, ahli Islamic continues to set new standards in the banking industry. With Islamic finance principles and cutting-edge technology, the Bank aspires to enable families to plan responsibly, ensuring a prosperous tomorrow for their loved ones.