Oman’s tourism sector navigates through globalisation

Oman Tuesday 05/December/2023 20:38 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman’s tourism sector  navigates through globalisation

Muscat: The Ministry of Heritage and Tourism (MHT) is dedicated to shaping a robust labour market within the heritage and tourism sector. Focused on developing skilled local talent, they aim to elevate Oman’s presence by offering ample job opportunities and fostering professional growth.

Collaborating closely with industry partners, the Ministry is actively engaged in establishing professional standards tailored to the sector’s unique needs.

Specialised training programmes and skill development initiatives are in progress, aligned with these standards, aiming to enhance career pathways and set benchmarks for sector-specific training.

An essential endeavour undertaken is the comprehensive training programme in tourism guidance in conjunction with Oman Tourism College.

This initiative seeks to train and certify 100 Omani trainees in various stages from January to May 2023, a crucial step towards aligning professional standards with practical expertise.

Furthermore, an innovative plan is underway to prepare and activate professional standards for tourism guidance, ensuring high-quality outputs and facilitating a phased replacement strategy to localize expertise and minimise reliance on expatriates. Language diversity is key, with programmes in multiple languages empowering Omanis beyond English proficiency, ensuring a sustainable pool of local talent for tourism guidance roles.

Recent milestones include the third job fair in July 2023, presenting 156 job opportunities for Oman Tourism College graduates.

Another significant achievement was a museum guide programme in collaboration with Oman Tourism College, engaging 19 participants for specialised training targeting government and private museums.

The Ministry actively propagates awareness campaigns highlighting sector-specific job openings, training modules, and qualification opportunities. This concerted effort ensures visibility and accessibility to these opportunities within the sector.

Collaborative initiatives with the Ministry of Education, like the “Oman is My Destination” programme for school students, instill entrepreneurial skills by enabling the establishment of student companies in tourism-related fields, contributing to skill enhancement and empowering future leaders.

Several upcoming programmes, including culinary arts and leadership training for hotels, are in the pipeline. The Ministry aims to not only develop leadership among Omani nationals but also support local artisans by showcasing craft products in hotels and tourism establishments.

In a pioneering move, a research project with the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research, and Innovation aims to develop professional standards for workers in the heritage and tourism sectors, emphasising a collaborative approach for industry advancement.

The Ministry’s strategic agenda emphasises the nationalisation of the tourism workforce through effective methodologies and partnerships.

Plans are underway to introduce a comprehensive jobs platform to streamline communication among stakeholders, facilitating job placements and training programmes.

With a focus on encouraging entrepreneurship, supporting local communities, and regulating Omani craft products, the Ministry is steadfast in its pursuit of achieving targeted goals through diverse projects and initiatives.

Oman’s tourism sector embarks on a journey where innovation, global integration, and collaboration are the guiding stars toward a future of international recognition.