Spend time with your family in Ramadan

Oman Wednesday 13/March/2024 08:50 AM
By: Times News Service
Spend time with your family in Ramadan

In the Holy Quran, there is a verse that explains the importance of this month: “O Muslims! A noble and generous month has come to you. A month in which a night is better than one thousand months and this month is the month of charity, patience, and mercy..” (An-Nasa’i).

As the verse suggests, there is something spiritually unparalleled and quite peaceful about Ramadan that makes for a pleasant experience.

Ramadan is the one month that brings families together, especially in today’s society when everyone is busy on their own. After Iftar and prayers, spend time with your loved ones.

Ramadan is the perfect time to rekindle relationships with family through Iftar gatherings and after-Iftar time spent with relatives that perhaps you have lost touch with during the hustle and bustle of the year. Plan a family gathering once per week, or make plans with a cousin to have coffee after Iftar. Any act of communion with family during the Holy Month is a blessing, both in the eyes of God, and for you as family is one of the greatest gifts we have in this world.

The holy month is also the time to show the world you care. Spend time with an elderly person in your house or the neighbourhood. You need to make it a point to visit your grandparents as often as you can not only during Ramadan but otherwise too. But if you haven’t been doing it, then this is your chance to start. You can even visit your friends or neighbours’ grandparents, spend some time with them, read to them, and help them with their daily chores. Make sure that you pray together at least once in a day. Also have your Suhoor and Iftar meals together. Eating together reconnects you with your family.