WhatsApp tests transferring, sharing files without Internet connection

Business Wednesday 24/April/2024 16:19 PM
WhatsApp tests transferring, sharing files without Internet connection

Washington: WhatsApp is testing a new feature called 'People Nearby', which may enable users to transfer and share files without the need for an Internet connection, which means that users will be able to share documents, photos and other files with their contacts without requiring a direct Internet connection.

According to what was observed in the latest beta version of the application for the Android system, the new feature works similarly to the famous Android feature Nearby Share and the AirDrop feature on Apple devices.

The People Nearby feature in WhatsApp uses Bluetooth technology to transfer files between devices, so the transfer process does not require an Internet connection, and as shown in the published screenshots, there will be a dedicated section in the application settings that reveals people nearby, and through that section it is possible to send and receive files.

Using this feature requires granting the WhatsApp application all the necessary permissions for it to function properly. These permissions include access to stored files, Bluetooth, and geolocation to find and connect to nearby devices.

To use the feature, users can go to Settings then choose 'People Nearby', this feature will automatically then search for nearby devices. The feature must be turned on in the two connected devices in order for the transmission process to be completed.

The transmission process will be protected by end-to-end encryption technology, and the phone number will remain hidden during the process to maintain privacy.